Welcome to New Wings Virtual Flight Training School! "New Wings" was established in the year 2011, to create and run a training program for those new to Rise of Flight. Rise of Flight is the cutting-edge work of 777 Studios and offers the most realistic experience of First World War flying in the hostile skies over Europe ever available. While "New Wings" is not officially associated with 777 Studios, it is our intention to help Rise of Flight be more accessible to new players. The need for a training program became apparant with the advent of the "free-to-play" download and the influx of new pilots trying-out the simulation.

Because Rise of Flight multi-player leans heavily upon realism, it can be a difficult process to transition from previous sims. The benefit of an environment where pilots can learn together cannot be understated, and New Wings stepped forward to fill this gap. While there were already training programs offered by the many squadrons, and even a private company; we realized that a freely available system was needed for the newcomers that didn't require either the commitment to a squadron or the funds required by private instruction.

We do not charge for this program and have freely given the time, energy and resources needed to create this organization, develop a training program and acquire the necessary servers to make it possible. No one will ever be required to contribute in order to participate, although we do have a donation system for those who feel inclined to help support our efforts. All donations go directly to support the New Wings web site, Dedicated Servers and Teamspeak3.

Contrails: An IL2 Sturmovik BoS Movie

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If you want to help us in our joint venture, please feel free to donate. All of your donations go strictly for upkeep of our Website, Teamspeak 3 and our Rise of Flight Game Servers. Additionally we would like to extend a sincere Thank You to all those that have donated money to help keep-up the new Dedicated Server.

Our Great 2017 Supporters - Thank You!

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